who we are

Keyot has had more than a decade to perfect our process of finding the right fit of consultant skills, experience and style to meet client requirements, culture and environment.

meeting the growing
needs of clients

Keyot is a certified women-owned, boutique consulting firm that provides a specialized and transformative workforce solution to our client partners, many of whom represent highly regulated industries. Our skilled consultants offer a focused expertise in and passion for: Program Management, Project Management, Solution Architecture, Agile and Scrum, Data and Information Security, Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, Data Analysis, and other areas of project delivery. Because of that focus, we are frequently called on to lead transformational efforts. Our senior consultants are well-known for their project-execution capabilities, innovative solutions, and doing whatever it takes to bring a project to completion.

Keyot’s national emerging-leader program, Crew212®, is our award-winning solution to RECRUIT | ENGAGE | MENTOR | TRAIN | then LAUNCHTM an empowered team of young professionals into successful business and IT careers at great organizations. The Crew212® process starts with our rigorous recruiting and screening method, which identifies gifted young professionals who want to jumpstart their careers. Once we identify the right candidates, we deliver a proprietary curriculum of training, mentorship, and career path guidance to help them become highly-capable professionals who make tangible contributions at their organizations, even right out of college. Our Crew212® junior consultants fill a range of project delivery roles, including business analysts, project managers, data analysts, and many more.

We specialize in finding the perfect match between consultant and client, both in culture and skills. At its heart, Keyot is a delivery-led organization and our concern for a role doesn’t end once a consultant starts a project; we always maintain a relationship through the entirety of a project and work diligently to ensure our consultants and clients are successful.

As a women-owned business, Keyot is also passionate about encouraging more women to pursue business and technology careers and to develop their leadership capabilities. Visit our "Paying It Forward" page to learn more about initiatives we are currently involved in.