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Business is changing.

Innovation and technology are advancing at an accelerating pace and workforce requirements are
shifting just as rapidly. If you don’t have the right people for the future of work, Keyot can help.

increase collaboration
and peformance

Workforce transformation is required to prepare for the changing nature of work. In the same way a “digital transformation” prepares organizations for the future technologically, workforce transformations provide organizations with the people they need to confidently move into the future.

Who the ‘right’ people are is dependent upon your specific needs. It might mean:

• More talented young professionals to account for an aging workforce and retiring senior staff without adequate replacements
• More professionals with specialized competencies to account for rapidly developing technology
• A more diverse workforce to utilize the power of collaboration and varying perspectives

Not sure what your organization needs? Keyot considers the factors relevant to your situation and applies our expertise to help you determine a solution that best fits your requirements. We deliver the leaders you need for success, today and tomorrow.

The right People, with the
right skills, in the right place.

solving business problems
with people solutions

Solutions aren’t always technical, sometimes they’re just people. When you need a team of smart, capable, analysts to handle a key initiative – remediating records management, documenting process, or launching a robotic process automation effort – let us help. We hire the team, train them, manage them and will convert some to your team or take them to the next engagement. Our innovative talent outsourcing solutions bring bright, young people to your solution. Simple and effective.

Keyot’s national emerging-leader program, Crew212®, is our proven process to Recruit |Engage | Mentor | Train then LAUNCH™ an empowered team of young professionals into successful IT careers at great organizations. The Crew212® process starts with our rigorous recruiting and screening method, which identifies gifted young professionals who want to jumpstart their careers. Once we identify the right candidates, we provide them our own proprietary combination of resources, mentorship and direction to help them become highly capable professionals who make tangible contributions at their organizations, even right out of college. Our Crew212® junior consultants fill a range of project delivery roles, including business analysts, project managers, data analysts, and more.


Ops212 is Keyot’s solution for initiatives that require a rapid ramp-up workforce, such as peak-season staffing, compliance remediation, or enterprise process automation initiatives. If your organization needs a skilled group of senior or junior people available to tackle a large task for a definite period of time, Keyot has the experience to build, train, and launch the team you need.