project delivery

Keyot supports our clients when their roadmap of initiatives is larger than their current resource mix can handle. We provide our clients the experienced talent they need today as well as the talent they will need for the future. We partner with our clients by investing the time to truly understand their business, their strategic initiatives, goals and challenges. Leveraging this knowledge, Keyot can walk alongside our clients and help to develop solutions or provide industry insight on best practices in other industries.

Keyot is a Delivery-Led firm; our Account Management teams have all been in corporate or consultant delivery roles - they have walked a mile in those shoes. This helps us validate the best choice when pairing a client need with a potential resource, thus creating an efficient partnership.

We successfully deliver services around Agile Transformation – Agile coaches and Scrum Masters, Organizational Change Management, Project Execution, Business/Project Triage, DevOps, Process Innovation, Project Pre-Study, Business Requirements Definition & Traceability, Application Development and Technical Architecture.

To complement our senior consultants, we have spent the last 10 years perfecting Crew212®, a program to attract, mentor, grow and launch young professionals, individually or in groups, into our clients. Crew212® focuses on the following skills: Jr. Project Controllers, Business, System, BI and Data Analysts, and Security/Incident Analysts. At Keyot, we never design or recommend a solution we cannot execute. We help you build effective teams.

Our goal is to work beside you in the office and serve beside you in the community - we are proud to consider our clients friends. Our clients appreciate our simple pricing model and rely on our guarantee – “Keyot will not allow a project or engagement to fail.” Every project we have completed is referenceable.

Financial Remediation

We have experience with projects involving shareholders, consumers, corporate entities, multiple vendors, military families, the elderly as well as employees. We often serve as an intermediary between execution teams and governing bodies (assigned auditor/monitor). Our work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Financial settlements
  • Data privacy resolution
  • Institutionalization of redesigned processes
  • Organizational change management and communication

Compliance Remediation

Keyot builds transformational programs, integrating compliance initiatives with process improvement to solve mission critical business issues. Examples include:

  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards
  • Attorney General (AG) Settlements
  • ISO/9001
  • SOX Compliance
  • Secretary of Commerce Legislation
  • Global Due Diligence (GDD)
  • Class-Action Settlements
  • Deferred Prosecution Agreements
  • Healthcare Reform

We believe for a new process to be institutionalized, it must add value - to the employee, to the process or to the customer. Often this involves adding enabling technology, so building cross-functional teams between the business and IT is critical. Keyot excels at all the above. We see ourselves as a more affordable and effective option than the traditional large firms for several reasons: We work WITH your team, not around your team, we want our clients to be better off when we leave an initiative than when we started, and we believe in mentoring at all levels.

Keyot brings years of execution-oriented experience to every project - we roll up our sleeves on day one and work in the weeds throughout the entire effort - we get things done. We are Agile in all we do - this means we start small, listen completely, execute ASAP, fail fast, course correct (as needed) and complete each effort following a program-like structure. Communication is consistent and thorough.

Finally, our talent - both senior and junior - is affordable. We keep our margins slim, our infrastructure nimble and let our results speak for themselves.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Organizations can optimize how works gets done by leveraging digital workers – or robots – to handle the highly repetitive tasks enabling human workers to focus on tasks requiring judgement or analytical thought and decision making. This enables organizations to streamline processes, increase employee engagement and productivity, and ultimately deliver better customer value.