Building the Next
of Leaders

Crew212® at Keyot
We are dedicated to transforming corporate workforces to embrace and integrate talented young professionals into their organizations.

Keyot’s national emerging-leader program, Crew212®, is our proven process to RECRUIT | ENGAGE | MENTOR | TRAIN then LAUNCHTM an empowered team of young professionals into successful business and IT careers at great organizations. The Crew212® process starts with our rigorous recruiting and screening method, which identifies gifted young professionals who want to jumpstart their careers. Once we identify the right candidates, we provide them our own proprietary combination of resources, mentorship and direction to help them become highly capable professionals who make tangible contributions at their organizations, even right out of college. Our Crew212® junior consultants fill a range of project delivery roles, including business analysts, project managers, data analysts, and more.

Precision Onboarding

at 211 degrees water is hot.
at 212 it boils.

what does one
degree mean?

Every day we have a choice to make in how we show up to work. How we approach problems, teammates, frustration, roadblocks and opportunities starts with attitude and is enabled through exceptional judgement and emotional intelligence. Some people are born with a natural ability to make good decisions and to interact with maturity – but many people have to learn these important leadership traits. Crew212® focuses our curriculum on helping our Crew members build these capabilities early so they can refine them throughout their career. We believe that this “One Extra Degree” will enable them to show up every day, provide value and seek to make a difference in your business. One degree can make all the difference.



Crew212® is our proven
process to RECRUIT | ENGAGE |
an empowered team of
talented young professionals
into the workforce.