management consulting

Keyot’s focus is always how to solve business problems with people solutions. One of the unique features of Keyot is that our partnership team have all walked a mile in our clients’ shoes. Prior to starting Keyot, they served as CEOs, CIOs, COOs, Directors of Technology, Marketing and PMO. That experience allows them to craft solutions and suggest talent from a strategic perspective. Our innovative approach to building teams for our clients, where we have an eye on their future needs as well as the immediate work, enables us to work as partners with our clients.

Our Sales and Delivery methodology revolves around learning our client’s business – from economic and competitive drivers to regulatory requirements – so that we can help our teams manage through the change. Our practice of embedding young professionals in these key projects and then allowing our clients to transition them to employees at the end of the project allows knowledge to be retained and supports career growth. We facilitate collaboration across our senior and junior consultants within a client environment to share wisdom and identify opportunities to provide additional value to our clients.

This insight into our client’s business is unique because we work across the enterprise from very strategic efforts to tactical initiatives. Frequently, our perspectives represent a unique viewpoint into the organization on its opportunities and challenges. We can offer ideas and solutions to problems that haven’t surfaced yet but that are looming. Keeping abreast of emerging trends and ensuring that our team is ready when our clients are is a key part of our management consulting practice. Areas where we are assisting our clients include:

  • Agile Maturity Assessment – Evaluating the maturity of agile practices, tools and techniques and offering incremental improvement insight.
  • Remediation Effort –Planning and executing strategic programs for key financial and/or compliance remediation efforts.
  • Organization Change Management – Helping people adopt and adapt new ways of working together.
  • Enterprise Process Engineering – Determining how to handle operations in more efficient and cost-effective manner such as where to add enabling technologies or when to outsource and when to specialize.
  • Robotic Process Automation – Embracing digital solutions to process improvement opportunities identified in enterprise process engineering.
  • Solving STEM Worker Shortage – Hiring for potential and training for productivity through Crew212™ and Ops212 programs.
  • New Product Development/Speed to Market – Helping our clients transition to a product development environment, using agile concepts, delivering product to the customer faster than ever before.
  • Analytics – Determining key business metrics that will enable mangers make better informed decisions.
Experienced Leaders

Through Keyot, you get accomplished, experienced leaders who ensure the work gets done on time, issues are managed, and the team grows through the experience. Your company will benefit from ...

  • decades of experience in financial services, healthcare and other highly-regulated industries
  • highly-skilled network of consulting professionals
  • the perfect partnership between client and consultant